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Maggie Tseng

I've learned to push through the obstacles

that I face, and I bring that same determination and perseverance into the workplace.

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About Maggie Tseng

Maggie is the Founder of Hwowz Concept, a fast-growing interior design and home staging company committed to helping everyone achieve their dream home in an affordable and sustainable way.  


As a minority immigrant woman, Maggie ran into many cultural and language barriers, but she embraced her own background and has thrived in various culture markets.


With her strong passion for design, sharp vision for business, and perseverance in the face of hardship, she helped the company grow 10x in two years.


Along with success, Maggie never forgets to give back to her community. At the start of the pandemic, when LA first imposed lockdown and college students were being sent home from their dorms Maggie’s team helped relocate nearly 100 students with expedited 24 hour service and donated over 30,000 masks to those in need.

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