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  • How soon can Hwowz Concept deliver the furniture?
    Hwowz Concept can deliver and set up the furniture in as little as 48 business hours (Monday-Friday) in most cases. Hwowz Concept can deliver in less than 48 business hours in some cases for an additional cost.
  • How much is delivery?
    It varies. Your delivery charge will be calculated based on a combination of your delivery address and desired lease term: -Short-term lease delivery charge within 50 miles will be $50, over 50 miles will be $100. -Long – term lease delivery charge will be $2/mile.
  • What’s the different between six (6) installment payments and one-time full payment?
    - Six (6) installment payments offers you to make six (6) months interest-free payments. -One-time full payment offers you a 10% discount of the total price of goods you select.
  • What if there is a problem or damage with the merchandise?
    If there is a problem occur during the installation of the merchandise, our Delivery Associates will replace the merchandise as soon as possible. Our customer will need to confirm everything is in good condition with our Associates after the installation. If the product is damaged due to non-human factors during the lease period, please contact our Customer Service immediately, and we will arrange for a visit to repair or replacement.
  • Does the lease have to be six months and up? Can I have a shorter lease term or end my lease early?
    Our monthly rental price is based on a six months lease term in general. If you need to end your lease early, you can choose to pay the remaining due balance in one-time payment. We do not currently support for early termination, but we understand that sometimes things change unexpectedly, and we can work with you in some instances to help you fulfill your lease obligations.
  • If I don’t want the merchandise when the lease expires, will you come to collect it? "
    When the lease expires after completing your six installment payments, you automatically own the merchandise. If you no longer need the merchandise, you can contact our Customer Service to arrange for recycling. We will pay you a certain fee (up to 10% of the product price) based on the completeness of the product.
  • How do you identify the completeness of the product?
    For example, while recycling the bed frame and mattress after the lease expires, there should be no obvious scratches or dents on the appearance of the bed frame, and it will not affect to reuse after disassembly. The mattress should be clean, no stains and breakage, its spring and cotton are intact, and reusable.
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