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Job Title:
Operations Research Analyst

Hwowz Concept, Inc. is a company specializing in supplying, marketing, and renting home staging furniture to commercial and individual customers for personal and commercial use. We provide a full package of services to furnish luxury properties with high-end professional interior design and staging strategies. We have a strong understanding of the luxury market and how to design and stage the properties using the right furniture products based on local preferences and expectations. 98% of the homes we stage are sold within 6 months due to our expert designers. Our designers pay attention to every single detail and deliver great results with speed and precision.


As we continue to expand our business in the home staging furniture industry, our company is in need of the professional services of an Operations Research Analyst to improve our business operation processes by applying mathematical modeling and other optimization methods to analyze our business operations. The Operations Research Analyst will analyze our operations data to help management develop strategies to optimize and manage business operations for the most cost-effective and timely transactions with our clients. The Operations Research Analyst will analyze our current operations in relation to customer preferences to examine areas of improvement to assist management in decision-making, policy formulation, and managing our business operations.

In a quantitative breakdown, the Operations Research Analyst will be responsible for the following duties:

Operations Analysis using Mathematical Modeling (60%)

  • Develop and apply mathematical models to analyze complex operational problems, identifying key relationships between constants and variables to measure optimal performance and effectiveness.

  • Employ simulation methods for operational processes, predicting various scenarios' outcomes.

  • Apply optimization algorithms to improve model accuracy and efficiency.

  • Design experiments to test, validate, and refine mathematical models for operational analysis to ensure their ability to measure performance and reformulate models as necessary.

Operational Optimization (30%)

  • Develop strategies for process improvement, focusing on efficiency and cost reduction, and document strategies and progress using Microsoft Office.

  • Analyze workflow processes, identify bottlenecks, and devise potential solutions and alternative courses of action to address operational issues.

  • Perform management reports identifying and assessing operational problems and suggest solutions to meet our company’s objectives and improve efficiency and profit margin.

Business Operations Analysis (10%)

  • Provide strategic insights and recommendations about our current overall business operations as well as individual components of our operations.

  • Utilize mathematical modeling methods to define data requirements to assess our company’s position in the home staging furniture industry, including in different business scenarios.

Minimum Requirements:  

  • Bachelor's degree in operations research, mathematics, or related field.

  • 1 year work experience analyzing a company’s data to provide business insight about the company’s operations including operating budgets.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

Wage range $59,530-$60,000/year. Apply to or Yao Wang, Hwowz Concept Inc., 9639 Telstar Ave, El Monte, CA 91731.

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